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Starting a blog is a great way to turn your passions and skills into a real business: it can be fun and rewarding, and even a good source of income. Let’s see how to do it in a few simple steps.

Decide on the topic

This particular type of website is nothing more than a collection of articles, also called posts. These are texts written directly by the author or by someone who does it for him. The articles must be optimised so that they are ‘noticed’ by search engines. On the web you can find several posts on on-page SEO, a technique to make your content optimised for the web. It is best to blog about a topic you know, or to find out about the subject before you start.

Choosing a domain

Having agreed on the topic, you move on to choosing a name and domain. First you have to think about the name, i.e. the title, then you move on to choosing a name for the domain. This may be the same as the name or slightly different. The choice of domain name is important: it must be easily memorable and recall the main topic of the blog. This is a good rule even if not always used by blogs that later became case histories.

Creating from scratch

It is time to understand how to create a blog from scratch that would be functional, fast, attractive and interesting… when you do not know the coding language. There are CMSs, such as wordpress, that allow even non-programmers to build a blog with interesting features. There are many services with integrated hosting wordpress, which allow excellent performance in terms of security and site speed, while taking advantage of the ease of implementation of the wordpress system.

Start creating your content today!

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